Technical Principal

LA, CA, United States of America (Remote)

Role Overview

As a key member of the Client Leadership Team, this role represents the technical dimension of our client engagement. The primary purpose is to serve as a strategic technical advisor to client executives, intertwining technology and business strategies to drive client success. Acting as an engagement-level CTO this role demands flexibility, a diverse technical background, and the ability to handle multidimensional challenges spanning People, Processes, and Technology -another way to see is business and technology.

Key Responsibilities

  • Strategic Visionary -- Align technology capabilities with client business goals, providing insights and guiding client executives.
  • Quality Assurance -- Work with our TEO group and Project Architects to implement best practices that drive and maintain the level of quality our clients expect.
  • Mentor and Guide -- Guide and develop engineering teams, fostering continuous improvement and excellence. Empower team members to develop their skills and reach their full potential.
  • Client Engagement -- Build and maintain trusted relationships with senior stakeholders, including VPs and CxOs, acting as a strategic advisor and ensuring alignment with client expectations.
  • Pre-Sales Activities -- Contribute to bids, shape proposals, and represent the company at industry events, demonstrating technical capabilities and thought leadership.
  • Bridge Builder -- Translate complex technical jargon into understandable language, ensuring effective communication between technical teams and other departments and fostering collaboration and unity.
  • Innovator -- Drive innovation, foster a culture of creativity and technical excellence, and ensure the organization stays at the forefront of technological advancements.

Essential Skills and Qualities

  • Influence and Trust -- Build trust with team members and stakeholders through empathy, conviction, and effective communication.
  • Situational Awareness -- Read the room effectively, understand dynamics, and adapt strategies.
  • Collaboration -- Foster open, honest, and respectful communication, promoting a collaborative environment.
  • Technical Prowess -- Exhibit broad technical knowledge across multiple dimensions, providing value in most technical client conversations.
  • Problem-Solving -- Use techniques like Lean and Systems Thinking to address and solve complex issues.
  • Customer Empathy -- Understand client challenges and actively seek opportunities to maximize the value received.

Ideal Traits

  • Impact -- They span a portfolio of work and beyond, demonstrating a wide breadth of influence that allows them to create technical impact.
  • Effective Communication -- Engage and inspire teams, ensuring clear and memorable communication. Exhibits strong customer empathy, is aware of customers' challenges, and seeks to help and maximize the value they receive from HTEC.
  • Role Model -- Exhibit company values and behaviors, leading by example and serving as a role model for our teams and theirs.
  • Team Alignment -- Support teams in taking initiative and driving change, believing in servant leadership.
  • Growth and Adaptability -- Show potential for growth and adaptability.

Technical Principal

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Technical Principal

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