Tech Excellence Engineer

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia

Help us build, implement, and exceed the highest standards of technical excellence! 

As a Tech Excellence Engineer, you will play a crucial role in building HTEC’s engineering capacity and ensuring that our highest standards of excellence are maintained and even exceeded as the company continues to grow at a rapid pace. This role represents a unique blend of technology and people skills and responsibilities that encompass: 

  • building the company’s foundation by identifying the best talent as a technical interviewer in the selection process 
  • providing project support by taking part in system design and initial project setup 
  • protecting HTEC’s technical excellence through involvement in people development, R&D, project audits, due diligence processes, etc. 

The position of a Tech Excellence Engineers provides an opportunity to impact several key processes in the continued development of a 1000-people strong company and step into different roles that create a variety of pathways for further career development. 

We are looking for an experienced engineer with excellent people skills, a non-linear thinker capable of seeking out and embracing new opportunities, and an observant, analytical mind with a strong grasp of the big picture.

NOTE: for this role, we have multiple openings focused on the following technologies: Front-end, Java, .NET or QA Automation

About the Tech Excellence Office 

As a Tech Excellence Engineer, you will be a part of HTEC’s Tech Excellence Office (TEO) – a cross-department, cross-functional team gathering the most distinguished and experienced engineers across the company. The role of the TEO is to maintain and improve the standards of excellence on a company-wide level with a multi-purpose approach focused on three crucial areas: talent development, project support, and the improvement of internal technical processes. The members of the TEO are not assigned to specific projects, but instead serve as a sort of engineering “special forces” utilized in a variety of areas where their impact matters the most.

Responsibilities of a Tech Excellence Engineer:

➔ Actively participates in and contributes to the activities of the Tech Excellence Office (system design phase, tech audit, proof of concept, R&D, tech consultation, etc.)

➔ Increases HTEC’s engineering capacity by conducting technical interviews and serving as a gatekeeper of HTEC culture and quality

➔ Keeps his knowledge up to date with the latest technological developments in relevant areas

➔ Works with technical interviewers across HTEC to build and expand the community of interviewers by championing HTEC culture and technology standards

➔ Represents HTEC at internal and external tech events, job fairs, conferences

➔ Completes work items without guidance and within the agreed time frame


➔ A secondary degree diploma (IV degree) 

➔ No less than three years of experience as a software engineer  

➔ Excellent communication and other “soft” skills 

➔ Excellent presentation skills and the ability to address larger groups of people 

➔ High degree of self-motivation and desire to learn and develop a broad range of skills 

Technical must-have's:

➔ Technical skills - FE, .NET, Java or QA Automation (multiple positions for each of these technologies)

➔ Business English - able to conduct technical interviews in English language in a fluent and organized manner


➔ A university degree in technical studies 

Tech Excellence Engineer

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Tech Excellence Engineer

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