ServiceNow Experienced Engineer

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia

HTEC is looking for an experienced ServiceNow developer to build custom Service Portal applications. We use the ServiceNow platform and App Engine Studio to develop a number of products and tools to speed up existing processes and enable automation. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop different kinds of products using ServiceNow platform. 

  • Be able to understand the product’s needs and find the best possible solution based on the capabilities of the platform. 

  • Understand the bigger picture and try to utilise the existing components to be able to reuse them and optimise development time. 

  • Support FE developers in implementing HTML/CSS layouts within Service Portal Widgets/Pages.

  • Support Product Manager to find the best solution based on the needs of the stakeholders.

Required qualifications:

  • Experience as a ServiceNow developer and comfortability in implementing Service Portals, Widgets, REST Endpoints, Integrations, Business Rules, Script Includes, Workflows, User Roles and Groups, Access Controls and more. 

  • Experience in making custom code in addition to platform functionalities in order to meet project requirements. 

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS. 

  • Experience working with JIRA. 


ServiceNow Experienced Engineer

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ServiceNow Experienced Engineer

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