Experienced Solution Architect

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia

HTEC is looking for a software architect who possesses extensive experience in architecting distributed systems and developing enterprise-level technology roadmaps at a global scale.

Key Requirements:

  • Proven proficiency designing and delivering robust services that function at internet scale, or other very large scale distributed systems, across data centers and geographies.
  • Extraordinary understanding of diverse technologies, frameworks, platforms and environments to develop a cohesive architectural vision, implemented with consistent, predictable and repeatable processes.
  • Able to advocate technical strategy; influence and drive alignment with fellow architects, engineers, key partners and business owners at all levels, across domains.
  • Ability to efficiently drive architectural decisions and tradeoffs (build vs buy vs open source) in a collaborative and transparent fashion across teams.
  • Passion to continually analyze the architecture and current technology environment; flexibility to recommend improvements and new solutions to drive transformation toward our vision, as the business evolves.
  • Able to drive decisions that result in scalable, resilient, reliable, consistent, and elegantly simple solutions.
  • Uncompromising focus on security and privacy.
  • Some experience with big data technologies, data platforms, ML-backed applications and ML development platforms.
  • Working proficiency building low latency systems with graceful degradation characteristics, resilience, and reliability.
  • Experience in public / private / hybrid cloud infrastructures and managed services.
  • Passion for mentoring and developing technical talent, and creating an atmosphere for technical excellence that attracts top talent.
  • 7+ years of distributed systems development experience

Key Responsibilities:

  • You will possess extraordinary capabilities ranging from high-level vision to low-level implementation.
  • You will be accountable for delivering both technical and business outcomes, partnering across engineering, product teams, and domains to influence thinking and set the direction for our system’s future.
  • You will represent the “voice of the architecture” in business discussions by providing a strategic technical perspective that helps shape strategy to ensure long-term, sustainable growth. You will define, drive and champion architecture standards patterns and best practices, and advise local architects, product, SRE, engineering leads and quality engineers on the alignment of solution implementations to conform to evolving standards.
  • You will actively participate in the HTEC-wide architecture community, seeking opportunities to collaborate, identify areas where technologies overlap, coordinate reuse and contribute where there are gaps.

Experienced Solution Architect

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Experienced Solution Architect

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