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Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia

Join our product design team

Our 40+ people strong product team consists of product managers and product designers who are extremely passionate and meticulous about their work. Backed by more than 700 top-tier engineers, we engage in projects throughout all their phases—from early conceptualization to final touch-ups. If you are eager to take an active role in driving the agenda and you are continually trying to find improvements in the ways of working, HTEC is the right place for you. Your primary responsibility will be to communicate with stakeholders, to understand their business requirements and design solutions to meet those requirements. You will have the chance to join one of our many delivery teams on projects ranging from healthcare to large-scale logistics enterprise applications. Also, HTEC is one of the few consulting companies with an embedded tech team working on a number of IoT projects. So, if tinkering with hardware is your thing, you’ll be more than welcome to do so.

Designing at HTEC is a dynamic and highly autonomous experience. Whether it’s leading a design sprint for your product team, designing an interaction to simplify a complex task, or creating a design system, you can expect your skills to be put to the test. While a wide skill set is necessary, many designers on the team decide to pursue expertise in one area.

Key responsibilities

  • Partnering with engineers. During the course of a project, you will form tight relationships with product managers and engineers, treating them as partners in getting problems solved.
  • User research. We often perform user research utilizing various methodologies. In HTEC, a dedicated UX researcher will be at your disposal for consultations or direct assistance during interviews.
  • Prototyping. You will prototype—using software like Figma, Invision, Marvel, or similar—both to communicate and validate your ideas.
  • Interaction and visual design. Being involved in every stage of the design process means you will work on everything from wireframes to highly polished interfaces on various levels of detail and abstraction.


• Awareness of and curiosity about how software is built. Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and Javascript is appreciated. You don’t need to be an expert—it will be enough if you know what’s feasible under given circumstances. With 700+ engineers and counting, there’s plenty of people you can ask to help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge.
• Ability to visualize value and meaning. You understand that designers have the unique ability to visually convey value and meaning in situations in which words are not effective enough. This is a superpower that you must deploy at your own discretion to benefit the team, the company, and the client.
• Understanding that style != design. Style is the surface layer of a much deeper and broader practice and can never be your sole focus. Pondering on styles while functionalities and delivery are at stake is a big No. Remember: trends come and go — we are interested in what stays.
• Acknowledging that copywriting also IS design. We are dealing with visually representing information that carries some sort of meaning, and all information are essentially words. From that perspective, copy matters as much as style. Great visuals with lorem ipsum text are simply—poor design. Also, not being proficient at writing good copy doesn’t excuse you from not recognizing its value and insisting on it. Bill Bernbach’s VW print ads or Nike’s ‘Find your greatness’ and ‘Mamba forever’ spots, among others, are simply examples of timeless copywriting, whether you know how to write or not.
• Experience with design tools. Figma, Sketch, Invision, Marvel, Adobe Suite, etc. — you know the drill.
 Commitment to efficiency. Modularity, flexibility, and reusability are the name of the game. It’s 2021, and reinventing the wheel is an act of sheer folly—utilize what’s out there and combine it into something great.
• Fluency in English. As a highly ranked designer, you will be in constant contact with clients who are predominantly non-Serbian speaking.


• Branding experience. At a minimum, you possess the capability to “soak in” the client’s brand with ease and extend it to the visual and verbal styles of the interface. If you had experience with brand design (even if it meant simply creating visual identities), there are projects where this skill will come in handy.
• Copywriting skills. As mentioned above, words are design. If you know how to write well (in English), that’s a big plus.
• Ability to add flair and pizzazz. In consumer-facing products, style can be particularly important. If you can make something look outstandingly good by finding a cool combination of fonts, picking a trendy color palette, drawing custom illustrations and icons, or animating components of the interface, damn, we will welcome you wholeheartedly. On the other hand, creating conservatively styled but thought-through interfaces is just fine, too.

What we value

  • A pro-iteration mindset. Being able to get ideas out as fast as possible (regardless of how rough and dirty the wireframes/mockups are), seek feedback from relevant people, and iterate based on it is highly valued. Nothing is set in stone. Reasonable criticism should not be taken personally, while groundless claims must be repelled ruthlessly.
  • Collaboration and communication. Everyone at HTEC is your partner.
  • User centricity. All that we do, we do for the end-user.
  • Lateral thinking and thinking outside the box. Limits on the mind are limits we impose upon ourselves. Seek inspiration from seemingly unrelated fields: the truth is out there.

Our team is composed of people from a variety of backgrounds — self-taught or formally educated. We value skills and mindset over a specific educational background.

What we (usually) use


  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Suite
  • InVision
  • Marvel

Project management

  • Jira

Diagramming, documentation and presentation

  • Miro
  • Confluence
  • Notion
  • Good ol’ Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Keynote and their Google Suite counterparts
  • Or whatever makes you comfortable to record and convey your ideas.


Please include a link to your portfolio (Behance, Dribbble, website, or for that matter, a Dropbox/Google Drive folder — we don’t care as long as it contains some great work) and your CV (a decently filled out LinkedIn profile will do, as well).

Experienced Product Designer

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Experienced Product Designer

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