Experienced Frontend Engineer

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia

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Key Responsibilities: 

  • Building rich FrontEnd applications using various frameworks and libraries;  

  • Creating clean, responsive and cross-browser user experience; 

  • Driving and contributing to general architecture discussions, and translating the outcome to actual implementation;  

  • Implementing reusable components and appropriate architecture for customer solutions with emphasize on scalability and performance; 

  • Developing unit tests and maintainable code with accent on code quality; 

  • Effective and efficient communication with customers, in order to clarify requirements and handle requests in a timely manner. 


Required Qualifications: 

  • Thorough understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5; 

  • Proficiency in building web-applications with modern FrontEnd frameworks and libraries such as: React, Angular, VueJS... 

  • Understanding performance challenges, especially when it comes to devices with limited resources (e.g., handheld devices);   

  • Experience working with API service-based architectures, RESTful/GraphQL/tRPC APIs;   

  • Firm acquaintance with unit testing;   

  • Experience in working with medium to large teams. 


Nice to have: 

  • Experience in tech architecture discussions and decisions;  

  • Experience with service and web workers; 

  • Experience with web sockets; 

  • Familiarity with micro-frontends and island architecture. 


What we use: 

  • Modern JavaScript (ES6/ESNext) on a day-to-day basis;   

  • Popular frontend frameworks/libraries such as: React, Angular and VueJS;   

  • Static typing in Typescript;  

  • CSS preprocessor – Sass, PostCSS, CSSNext;   

  • Unit testing: Jest, Karma, Mocha, RTL, Cypress...  

  • Latest build tools and module bundlers (Webpack, Vite, Snowpack, Turbopack...).  

Experienced Frontend Engineer

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Experienced Frontend Engineer

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