Experienced Android Engineer

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia

HTEC’s Android development portfolio is versatile but packed with ambitious endeavors.

HTEC is looking to bolster the ranks of its Android team with experts in mobile development. We need true engineers – people who can consistently provide creative solutions in their field, yet strive to learn something new every day. If you wish to challenge yourself through inspiring projects and become a part of a group of hardcore engineers, take our proposal into careful consideration.

Key responsibilities

  • Development of Android applications and SmartWatch applications
  • Cooperation with other development team members (e.g., project manager, web programmers, graphic designers, quality assurance)
  • Working with other Android developers by practicing code review and pair programming
  • Maintaining code quality by following the code standards, writing testable production code and unit tests
  • Interfacing with our clients to define requirements, estimates and project timelines
  • Dealing with clients data, feeds and designs.

Required Qualifications

  • Experience with mobile application architecture
  • Knowledge of Clean architecture and design patterns such as MVP and MVVM
  • Strong computer science fundamentals (data structures, algorithmic complexity, compilation and build processes)
  • Experience with Android Studio environment and Gradle build system
  • Knowledge of Reactive paradigm
  • Experience with using RESTful services
  • Knowledge of dependency injection and SOLID principles
  • Experience with writing tests

Preferred qualifications:

  • Academic degree in the field of IT
  • Experience in developing apps communicating with other devices (Bluetooth, NFC, etc.)
  • Experience with Firebase services like Analytics, Crashlytics, App Distribution and Cloud messaging
  • Experience with CI/CD
  • Knowledge of animations/transitions and graphical stack
  • Fluency in English

What we use:

  • Kotlin
  • Hilt / Dagger 2
  • Coroutines
  • Flow
  • Databinding
  • Architecture components (Lifecycle, ViewModel, LiveData, Room)
  • RxJava 2 / RxKotlin
  • Retrofit2
  • Gson / Moshi
  • Espresso, Mockk, Robolectric, JUnit5
  • Agile methodologies, Jira SaaS
  • Git

Experienced Android Engineer

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Experienced Android Engineer

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