Data Scientist

Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia

Are you eager to be at the forefront of large-scale ML systems, blending technical prowess with safety considerations? Dive into a role that combines the mastery of cutting-edge ML technologies and the importance of user trust. As a Data Scientist, you'll be at the helm of constructing advanced systems while ensuring they're robust and aligned with our principles. 


  • Implementing statistical and machine learning methods that could be used to solve a given problem, then evaluating and presenting the results 

  • Data acquisition, exploration, cleaning, augmentation, and visualization 

  • Designing, conducting, and tracking experiments in different domains 

  • Analyzing and addressing the errors of applied machine learning models and algorithms 

  • Participating in solution productization, high-level design, and low-level implementation 

  • Driving technical quality of a solution and managing technical debt 

  • Ensuring that the solutions are well-documented and presentable to the stakeholders 

  • Participating in the technical investigation (Spike) and prototyping (PoC) 

  • Communicating and collaborating with engineering teams, product teams, and stakeholders in all project phases 

Required qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent experience. 

  • Over 3 years in roles like data science, machine learning, software engineering. 

  • Fluent in Python, and adept with data analysis tools. 

  • Experience with machine learning frameworks such as Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow, or Pytorch. 

  • Possesses a broad understanding of the architecture and mechanics of language models. 

  • Worked with prompt engineering current LLMs, or NLP tasks. 

  • Proficient in:  statistical data analysis , supervised and unsupervised machine learning, transfer learning and ensemble learning, feature engineering, optimization techniques 

  • Experienced in working with structured and unstructured data, relational and non-relational databases  

  • Familiarity with algorithmic complexity, GPU/CPU utilization, and I/O bandwidth 

  • Creates pragmatic technical documentation with well-understood diagrams 

  • Able to explain technical points using business language and presentations

Strong candidate experience:

  • Proven expertise in crafting and scaling ML systems, with familiarity in tools like GPUs, Kubernetes, and PyTorch. 

  • Exposure to language modeling, especially with transformers 

  • Tackled challenges related to prompt engineering and adversarial inputs. 

  • Designed or been part of full-stack engineering projects, especially centered on internal tool creation. 

  • Specialized experience in NLP. 

Data Scientist

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Data Scientist

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