Business Development Operations Specialist/Lead

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Serbia

Our Business Development Operations team is an important part of HTEC’s growth story. Now that there are over 15 HTEC development centres in the SE Europe region only, we need to broaden our capacities, further support our sales efforts, and explore new market opportunities.

As a company that went from 300+ last year to 1800+ today, we in BizDevOps have during that time set up the infrastructure, harmonized sales data points, automated a lot of workflows, and now need a bigger team to launch new workstreams, improve existing ones, and keep driving this spaceship (obviously faster growth than a plane) forward.

We are looking for various skillsets and sales experiences, so instead of the usual JD with rigid work tasks and activities you need to cover, we want to try the following:

Folks interested in outreach, nurture, market development, partnerships, and market intelligence in a diverse industry and technology environment – we are looking for you!

If you are just starting your career or are a seasoned professional, we probably have a position that might be your fit.

We are focused on lead generation and conversion, on active pursuit during the deal conversion process, managing domain and tech partnerships, building our thought leadership, successful growth customer journeys, etc.

Key responsibilities:

Responsibilities of your role  will hugely depend on the workstream you will be covering: new client acquisition, thought leadership, nurture or upsell – we all contribute in some shape or form through: 

  • Creation of artefacts and implementation strategy and processes that enable successful deal conversion.
  • Working closely with the marketing team on the input (feedback from the market to the team) and output (leveraging created content into collateral for nurture campaigns) for content marketing.
  • Working with already established management tools and systems to better understand and listen to the targets of interest and engage with them. Auditing the system and taking over the steering wheel to adjust the course and accelerate.
  • Researching, collecting, and analysing data about prospects or methods for engaging with them.
  • Supporting the market development by supporting Business Developers' sales efforts.

Required skills:

  • Digital literacy and the ability to quickly adapt to new tools will help you optimize and maximize your effort.
  • Experience of working in the tech industry with a B2B perspective will help you onboard faster.
  • C2 (near native) level English will help you love this job, given the amount of research and communication you will have.
  • CRM and tools will represent your pilot dashboard and will help you listen to the targets of interest and engage. We have set systems in place already and look forward to someone auditing the system and taking over the wheel to adjust the course and accelerate.
  • High EQ is what your success will rely upon. Understanding why and how someone reacts to something will be at the core of most things you will do.

Business Development Operations Specialist/Lead

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Business Development Operations Specialist/Lead

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