AI Research Engineer

Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia


We strongly believe that intertwining the novelty of research with the robustness of engineering yields best results when it comes to emerging technologies, such as generative AI. As a Research Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in shaping and refining large-scale ML systems, ensuring they are not only advanced but also steerable and trustworthy. Our mission draws inspiration from integrating state-of-the-art models with human values, understanding the depths of neural networks, and developing innovative tools and methods. With us, every code you write, every experiment you conduct, is a testament to our combined ambition of shaping the future of AI responsibly.


  • Delve deep into the core of our infrastructure and codebase, from enhancing efficiency and throughput to orchestrating scientific evaluations.
  • Lay the foundation and continually refine expansive ML systems, ensuring their reliability and efficiency.
  • Participate actively in research discussions, understanding the broader picture while being involved in intricate details, aiming to maximize the impact of your insights.
  • Identify, evaluate, and record optimal methods for a broad spectrum of tasks that resonate with our user base.

Ideal candidate skills and attributes

  • Has 5+ years of experience working in the data related domain, as a data scientist or a machine learning engineer.
  • Has at least MS in the representative fields.
  • Boasts substantial expertise in software engineering, with a focus on high-performance, expansive ML frameworks.
  • Demonstrates the ability to articulate the motivations behind your work and can convey complex technical concepts.
  • Prioritizes results, leaning towards adaptability and making impactful decisions.
  • Has a keen interest in expanding knowledge about machine learning research, with prior experience in projects where you played a significant role.
  • Enjoys collaborative work, believes in data-centric decision-making, and is open to both teaching and learning.
  • Familiar with technologies like GPUs, Kubernetes, PyTorch, and OS fundamentals, and transformer-based language modeling.
  • Understands the societal ramifications of AI advancements and works with a sense of responsibility and ethical considerations.
  • Is proactive, adaptable, and eager to immerse in diverse tasks, even if they stretch beyond the conventional role.
  • Possesses a broad understanding of the architecture and mechanics of large language models.
  • Transforms vague challenges into distinct issues, drawing on fundamental tenets that are universally applicable.
  • Maintains a current perspective, fueled by a genuine curiosity in nascent research and sectoral evolutions.
  • Specialized experience in any of the following domains: NLP, computer vision, GANs or stable diffusion.

Representative projects

Consider submitting projects that demonstrate the following aspects:

  • Innovative methods for analyzing language models for potential detrimental behaviors.
  • Innovative approaches to prompt chaining, novel prompting techniques and autonomous agent construction.
  • Curation of evaluation databases for novel capabilities in language models, such as persuasion or deception.
  • Enhancement of the efficiency of novel attention mechanisms and compare computational aspects of different Transformer variations.
  • Structuring datasets for optimal model consumption.
  • Augmentation of distributed training systems to harness the power of thousands of GPUs, ensuring fault tolerance.
  • Interactive tools’ design to visualize the behavior in language models, especially in large-scale distributed systems.

AI Research Engineer

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AI Research Engineer

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